Name suggestion needed – Pebble Beach Trail

In late August the UKVCA, at the request of the Alpine Shire, sought your comments on a suitable name for the trail along the West Kiewa River, now extended to the East Kiewa River, with a planned extension to Damms Rd (refer to the Map below).

We submitted the results of this survey to the Alpine Shire in September and in late November we were told that the Shire required further community engagement, which they would arrange.

This has led to a community survey which has now been presented to our community via the Alpine Shire Council Facebook page.

For those of you who do not access Facebook, the relevant content is shown below.

TRAIL NAMINGKiewa Valley residents – have you walked, run or ridden along the newly-completed extension to the shared trail along the West Kiewa River from Embankment Drive?

We need your help to find an official name for this wonderful trail!

The path is currently known informally as the Pebble Beach Trail, which reflects the previous end point at Pebble Beach (Corner Pool).

Following the project to extend the trail, the current end point is now 900m beyond Pebble Beach, with aspirations for the trail to be connected along the East Kiewa River back to Damms Road in the future.

The Upper Kiewa Valley Community Association committee has secured funding to install permanent signage along the trail, and in order to finalise this signage, the trail is in need of a formal name.

The significance of Pebble Beach (formerly Corner Pool) will be recognised in an art installation at the site.

To have your say on three possible options OR your suggestion (Other) please complete the very SHORT survey here:

If you, or someone you know would prefer to complete a hard copy, copies of the survey are available at the Mount Beauty Library.

The survey closes 9am Monday, 25 January.

 We urge you to take this opportunity to suggest your preferred name.

The UKVCA has been waiting for months to finalize signage and the artwork and would like to get it completed as soon as possible.

Mary Pike, Secretary, UKVCA

Overview of the current trail and what is proposed for the future.


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