In April, 2016, Upper Kiewa Valley Community Association decided that the ‘unnamed’ Park in the Mt. Beauty CBD needed an official name.

Facebook notices were placed on the local FB site, the UKVCA website  and in the local media.  48 individual names were suggested.  This list was the culled to the 6 most popular names.  Then this list was submitted to the Alpine Shire Council for consideration.   The outcome of the ASC checking resulted in 2 names for a Community decision.  UKVCA then ran a poll at the monthly market in July, 2016 as to the preferred name.  Hydro Park was the most popular choice.  This then went back to the ASC for gazetting and final approval.

The Hydro Park sign was installed in December, 2016

Australia Day, 2017 saw many visitors admiring the new sign.

UKVCA would like to thank all residents and visitors who participated in this consultation.  UKVCA also appreciate the work of  staff at the Alpine Shire Council in getting this approval and installing the sign.

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