A Public Toilet Block for Tawonga South – a petition

Tawonga South is the Alpine Shire’s 4th largest town.  It has 20+ businesses in its central business district and is the centre for tourism in the Kiewa Valley.  It is the only town in the Alpine Shire without any public toilet facilities.  The petition is for public toilet facilities, parking and a picnic area.

The Upper Kiewa Valley Community Association Inc. (UKVCA) has been circulating petition forms since mid-October and these petition forms are located with many Tawonga South and Mt. Beauty traders and businesses.


We currently have several hundred signatures but would like more.  If you are a visitor or a resident of the Upper Kiewa Valley and believe there is a need for public facilities in Tawonga South, please sign the petition as soon as possible.

You will find copies of the petition forms at Tawonga South General Store & PO, Kiwi’s Fruit and Vegetable Market, Rocky Valley Bikes and UKVCA members will be on site outside the Tawonga South PO on Saturday, 30th December, 2017 from 10am to 12 noon  and at the Mt. Beauty Market, Hollonds Street, on Saturday, 6th January, 2018 from 10am to 12 noon.

Please show your support for this project by signing the Petition.  Petition forms will be collected and collated on 8th January and forwarded to the Alpine Shire Council with a formal request for urgent action.


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