Willow sapling eradication

If you are walking the Gorge Walk track to the Gorge Canyon and you see willows growing in the river, you are requested to pull out as many willow saplings as possible.  Willows only grow where they have access to permanent water and are a noxious species.

image  IMG_1402

A large noxious willow in the gorge.


UKVCA member, Mary, pulling out a willow sapling.


Dying and dead saplings high above the river course.

 image The river with willow saplings before a group of students from Bogong Outdoor School helped Jim in removing them.   More help is still needed.

Toss the saplings as far up into the surrounding bush as possible – you will see evidence of dead saplings on your walk particularly in the upper part of the Gorge walk.  Saplings die off quickly if out of water but will re-shoot if they are in or near water.  Your help with this project  will save UKVCA member, Jim, many hours of voluntary work trying to eradicate them and it will also help protect our waterways.

Please spread this message to your family, friends and visitors.

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