West Kiewa River Planning Meeting Report

This week, over 20 keen community members attended an information session presented by Lachlan Campbell (North East Catchment Management Authority) and Ian Vonarx (Dept. of Environment, Land, Water and Planning).

image image

Ian Vonarx (pictured above) talked about the planned project which will be undertaken along both sides of the West Kiewa River, upstream from the Kiewa Valley Hwy bridge towards the pump station.   The first stage of the work will be on the western side of the river to rid the existing dense infestation of weeds and inappropriate plantings.  Crews then move to the eastern bank to do similar work and you will also see a crew from the Green Army commencing on this in June.

The eventual aim is to make the eastern bank area an inviting space for walkers, fisherpersons and picnickers with better access to the river.

If you have any ideas which may be incorporated in the plan, email info@ukvcommunity.org.au

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