Alpine Shire Economic Development Strategy

Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Community

Over the next few months ASC will be giving specific focus to the development of an Economic Development Strategy for the Shire.  Your local knowledge and expertise is vital.

Please provide your ideas and input on the project website.

Your understanding of the local economy, industries, business investments and opportunities is critical to a comprehensive picture of the current situation and future direction.  You may have knowledge and experience of:

      • Changes in visitor markets and expectations
      • The impacts of climate change on local agriculture
      • Growth in health and personal services
      • Changing patterns of the retail sector
      • Opportunities in arts, culture and events
      • Telecommuting, working remotely and the changing nature of the workplace
      • Workforce development, accessing skilled workers

Successful implementation of the Strategy will require a ‘whole of community approach’ so please get involved!  In Stage 1 we are seeking to understand key community values and priorities and how these can inform the role that Council might play in supporting our economic future.  The project would love to hear from you:

        • Provide your ideas and input on our project website
        • Express your interest in participating in an interview or group discussion
        • Book a ‘phone call catch-up with a member of our project team

There are many factors influencing the strength, health and future of our local economy.  ASC plays a role in both immediate support to local businesses and employers and longer-term thinking about the sustainability of our local and regional economy.

Council has engaged a team of experienced economic experts to support this process and ensure that we take a well-informed approach and identify how we can respond to and harness borader global opportunities and trends.

Project Timeline

The closing date for Stage 1 input is Friday, 5th June, 2020.    Contact the Tourism & Economic Development Team


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