Planned burns in our area

Parks Victoria have given UKVCA advanced notice of 2 planned burns.

The 2 planned burns are called “Mt. Beauty – Tawonga Gap”  and  “Mt. Beauty  –  Simonds Creek”.  Both are on the western side of Tawonga South.  The location of the burns are bounded by the power line easement to the north (next to the Tawonga Gap Road), Tawonga Gap to the west, Pyramid Hill Track/Dungeys Track to the south, and Simonds Creek Road, and private property to the east.  The burn will include Vails Hill.  It is anticipated that the burn will occur sometime in March or April.

For more information and a map, click on the blue link below……

Mt. Beauty  –  Tawonga South information flyer

Mt. Beauty – Simmonds Creek information flyer

Exact timings will be dependant on temperature, relative humidity, fuel moisture, wind, and the fire danger rating.  There are strict guidelines that must be adhered to.  Conditions have to be right.  Ignition of the burn will be by hand, and also with helicopters.


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